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Support Staff

Contact Alejandra Aldana  Alejandra Aldana Librarian
Contact David Barba  David Barba Plant Manager
Contact Margaret Blatter  Margaret Blatter Language and Speech Therapist (LAS)
Contact Jackie Castro  Jackie Castro Community Representative
Contact Helen Cho  Helen Cho Nurse
Contact Ana Ducasse  Ana Ducasse Food Service Worker
Contact Michelle Goldsmith  Michelle Goldsmith Philips Institute Counselor
Contact Jessica Graham  Jessica Graham Parent Center Director & Community Rep
Contact Irene Ixta  Irene Ixta Community Representative & School Supervision Aide
Contact Mayra Moreno  Mayra Moreno Psychologist
Contact Vanessa Parada  Vanessa Parada Coordinator
Contact Serafin Perez  Serafin Perez Night Custodian
Contact Vaneza Quezada  Vaneza Quezada Boys & Girls Club Head Coach
Contact Elaine Villafana  Elaine Villafana Dance Teacher